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      Buy the iron, get the company

      It all started with a simple phone call?from?a?customer?to?their?Cat? dealer?at 6 a.m.?during harvest time.?What happened there turned out to be one of the most spectacular?“outside-the-box”?examples of our commitment to service.?

      Here’s what happened in a California?farm field in?August?of?1928.

      A Delayed Harvest at Stake

      The customer?owned?both?a Caterpillar Sixty track-type tractor and?a?Holt combine harvester.?The?Cat machine?had broken?down in the field,?and?the customer?lived 40 miles from the dealership.?To complicate things further,?a?service truck?would have to conquer many?miles?of soft roads, which was going to cause serious delay.?

      Knowing how important it was to keep the customer on track and on time,?former Cat dealer?Cousins Tractor Co. found a unique way to?help.?Those?soft roads?would?have delayed a?service truck...but not?an?airplane!?

      Fewer stops, shorter stops

      In 1928, “Fewer stops, shorter stops”?was?the slogan?used by?Caterpillar?and its dealers, and Cousins?took it to heart when they?arranged?for airplane service and delivered the parts the customer needed only one hour after the call came in.?Cousins’?approach to service was so revolutionary that the story even made newspapers across California.?

      A?superior?support?organization?with Cat Dealers

      There is an old saying at Caterpillar, “Buy the?iron,?get the company.”?Caterpillar has?a long history?of?working with its?dealers to create a superior?support?organization?and provide the highest-quality?aftermarket services, and from?our?earliest days?we?have?placed?special emphasis on?the?ability to provide parts and service support for machines in the field.???

      Dedicated to Meeting Customer Needs…Whatever it Takes!

      Just think about how far we have come!?Today,?Caterpillar?uses “other”?air services, such as?drones,?to?collect data that will help customers better understand jobsite production and?the?efficiency of their machines.?The common thread is the dedication to progressive, forward-thinking?ways to meet our?customers’?needs.?

      Who wouldn’t be proud of that legacy??

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